Di Marzio adventure began in 1970 and has always diversified to keep up with the demands of the market and has managed to gain a significant position in the region for  both national and international  transports.


A strong specialization states , parallel to the growth and development of companies in the ” Upholstered Furniture ” , becoming ” leader ” in the transport sector .


The new premises in the Industrial Estate of Matera ” La Martella “,as well as modern and spacious offices,  a warehouse of 3,000 m² and a square of approximately 30,000 m² to accommodate the more than 120 lorries of the company’s  Fleet was  inaugurated in 2004.


Mr. Di Marzio, with many years of  experience  in the industry, has really thought of everything in the new location , providing it with an internal workshop , a washing facilities, night security guard, and alarm systems, leaving  nothing to chance.

Di Marzio Transport is an example of a company that has been able to gather and meet the challenges of modernization in the Italian market .


Di Marzio Trasporti today acts on the market with the confidence of someone who knows the   highly competitive standards  of express services , relying on a solid base of customers, on the property of a strong, safe and efficient  fleet, on systems that allow to accurately track all shipments, on prooved management skills.


An organization of 90  employees annually produces millions of miles of road transport throughout Europe, to be “where, how and when” customers ask for.

In an industry with many “unknowns”, Di Marzio Transporti is working to give you “certainties”.